Our Facility

MEAT & MEAT PRODUCTS consists of fresh Halaal Lamb, Beef, Chicken and veal, including a range of meat products such as sausages, burger patties and cold meats. These include 48 different types of cold meat cuts, 13 different types of sausages and 8 different kinds of burger patties. We also offer an exclusive range of tender matured beef cuts .

MEAT HANDLING FACILITIES that adhere to strict hygiene standards with the utilisation of on-site refrigerated holding equipment, including production machinery equipped for specific portion control of all products. We are HACCP Certified as well as conversed in all current food safety standards.

INNOVATION RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT continue the expansion of our product range, quality standards and product innovation. Testing the shelf life of products is a critical asset for our supply-chain management. To ensure unbiased quality testing, products are tested by the South African Bureau of Standards.

OUR CLIENTS IN MULTIPLE INDUSTRIES that we investigate, create, test & supply dishes and specialised products for hospitals, restaurants, hotel chains, major airlines, convenience stores, supermarkets, catering companies and event managers.

LAND, SEA & AIR DELIVERY with dedicated refrigerated trucks delivering orders to clients nationwide. We also arrange for meat orders to be boxed and transported to any national or international destination that is accessible from Durban King Shaka Airport or the Port of Durban.